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Intuitive and Experienced Acupuncture, Herbs, Essential Oils, and Crystal Healing

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Virus Precautions

We are doing our best to make sure that our clients receive the safest care possible. We request your help and ask that you comply with these guidelines:

Stay home if you are symptomatic and/or running a fever

If you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, please honor the quarantine for the recommended 14 days.

Cleanliness is key

As always, we follow clean needle technique and universal precautions. This not only includes proper needle handling, but also diligent cleanliness and maintenance of our clinic space.

Wear a mask if you are able

Cover your mouth and nose and dispose of your personal trash and tissues properly.

Come alone to your appointment unless you need help with mobility

We ask that you arrive and leave promptly so we may limit the number of people in the waiting area.


Robin is a National Board Certified and licensed acupuncturist with 20 years of experience. She has training in two different types of acupuncture.  One is a more traditional Chinese style that is extremely effective at creating change in problems manifesting on your physical body. The other is a more energetic Japanese style suitable for those sensitive to needles or are more responsive to subtle work. Both styles integrate and affect your mind/body/spirit relationship. We can work together to determine which path is best for you.

Acupuncture Plus

With Acupuncture Plus, Robin allows extra time for coaching and counseling on lifestyle issues. Because TCM is a mind/body/spirit medicine, the patterns of physical problems have corresponding influences on the emotions. Our emotions and conditioned patterns of response also affect our physical bodies. Robin can offer guidance and empower you to help yourself when we look at these influences in your life and the patterns they present. Helping you find those tools is one of the most powerful ways she can contribute to your true long-term wellness program.

Acupuncture with Aromatherapy

The Body-Feedback System is a Traditional Chinese Medicine based system for using Therapeutic Essential Oils in treatment. These  two treatments that work wonderfully together. During the acupuncture treatment, the therapeutic essential oils support and improve the outcome of your treatment. Like herbs, essential oil treatment can be used to help continue to support your treatment after you leave. Like crystals, aromatherapy can help raise and stabilize the vibration of your body as you process your physical, emotional and spiritual change.

Acupuncture with Crystals

Robin has found that the addition of crystals and stones create a change in your body’s vibration and facilitate transitions–not only in the physical, but in the emotions and spirit. If you are under stress, recovering from trauma, or trying to improve your ability to flow easily through life, you may find that crystals promote a deeper sense of relaxation and peace that feel more profound than acupuncture alone.

Using Acupuncture with Soft Tissue Manipulation

Unwinding old patterns, birthing new opportunities, and helping you do what you love, longer

Traditional Chinese style acupuncture followed by deep tissue work and fascial stretch helps to reduce joint stress and pain related to work, lifestyle and aging, and improves sports performance. This type of treatment can unwind old dysfunctional muscle patterns and help to rebalance posture, restore free joint mobility, speed healing, and decrease or eliminate chronic pain. The combination of acupuncture and soft tissue manipulation can shift patterns–even patterns and pain that have been there for years!


Using all of these tools in combination is amazing!

Studies have shown that the changes in neurochemicals in our brain when we experience our emotions and pain are reflected throughout the body and our entire nervous system. If you are recovering from trauma–physical, emotional, or spiritual–it can be beneficial to you to unwind and release your physical body while using crystals to help raise and stabilize the vibration. Using all three tools creates a cradle of energetic support for you during your transition towards balance and wholeness.

“Adding crystals to the treatment actually made the process a lot more relaxing. Somehow they have a calming effect on me”. 

Crystal Resonance

Distance Crystal Therapy to
send healing vibrations and energy to you  wherever you are

A client’s perspective:

“After the setting of the grid, I found a quiet comfortable location to experience the healing. After several minutes of resting in quiet observation, I noticed my body completely relax reducing the pain in the injured area. I felt enfolded in a warm space. The air around me gently massaging and releasing the stuck energy from my hip area.

In the space between waking and sleeping, I reviewed my memories of happenings prior to the injury. Images of people and conversations bubbled up into consciousness waiting for integration. I used journaling about these insights I set two communication goals to continue my healing through personal empowerment.”


I am an acupuncturist and an educator and I add essential oils and crystals to my sessions to help clients heal and raise their vibration.

We are all related and strive to live in balance within our selves and our world. Healing ourselves raises our vibration and spreads through all of our relationships. I dedicate my career to educating people how to live in balance with themselves and our world to promote healing, self-empowerment and community.

What My Clients Say

To my clients who have provided such wonderful feedback, I thank you very much. I love to hear from you about your experience. Sharing your story empowers and encourages others. When one heals all are lifted up.

“Unable to make my monthly acupuncture appointment due to a frozen back, Robin inquired if I’d be interested in receiving distance healing through a crystal grid. I readily accepted, hoping to alleviate some of my physical symptoms, while at the same time looking for the underlying emotional issues creating the pain.

After the setting of the grid, I found a quiet comfortable location to experience the healing. After several minutes of resting in quiet observation, I noticed my body completely relax reducing the pain in the injured area. I felt enfolded in a warm space. The air around me gently massaging and releasing the stuck energy from my hip area.

In the space between waking and sleeping, I reviewed my memories of happenings prior to the injury. Images of people and conversations bubbled up into consciousness waiting for integration. Journaling about these insights, I set two communication goals to continue my healing through personal empowerment.

As a highly private person I feel this type of healing allowed me to work through things in my own way and time, while still being and feeling supported. My deep gratitude goes to Robin for this profound experience.”


“When Robin uses essential oils in combination with an acupuncture treatment, I find I am able to accept better the change in energy and relaxation that the treatment should have. Its almost like my body and mind have a toolkit to process and welcome the change, and it seems easier to let go of stuck energy or pain. I also find it to be a more soothing experience – the oils smell wonderful!”


“Robin’s crystal treatments have made a believer in the healing ability of crystals when used by a gifted healer like Robin. I have experienced deeper states of relaxation with crystals than I have achieved with acupuncture alone. I have also experienced physical benefits similar to what I have experienced with acupuncture. In contrast to acupuncture, though, which feels like it works mostly on the physical body, I have felt the effects of crystals on the emotional and mental bodies as well: feeling much more rested, relaxed, and optimistic after treatments. It feels like the crystals help you achieve a deeper and more in-tune state of consciousness. I have experienced some of the most dramatic effects of crystals when Robin has given me distance crystal treatments. These were times when I was away and could not come in for a joint acupuncture/crystal treatment. These treatments were quite shocking as I could feel when the crystals began to take effect, even at a distance. On several occasions I had been having trouble sleeping and my mind was racing and the crystals quickly helped me settle down and fall into a deep sleep. Also, unexpectedly, the crystals addressed the musculoskeletal issues which I normally treated through acupuncture. This was surprising to me, since I thought “only” acupuncture could get to those muscle issues.”


“Robin has helped me in a number of ways. I first visited her regarding chronic back pain. After a few visits, Robin began highlighting the underlying issues of the pain I was experiencing and proposed a very holistic, rational approach to improve my body movement, which would serve to alleviate the pain. After 5 months of treatment, I have seen very good improvement in my mobility and posture, and my pain has been lessened to the point where I’m now able to be more active than I’ve been in years. Additionally, my stress levels have significantly improved, which is great!”


“My husband and I have been seeing Robin for over a year and half. I had debilitating back pain. After, Robin started treating me I experienced much improvement. Over that time she has treated headaches, colds, anxiety, stomach problems, allergies and eczema. It is always so miraculous that she is able to treat all of these ailments with such positive results. Robin deeply cares about the well being of her cliental. She is a wonderful listener and healer. I do not hesitate in recommending her to family and friends.”


“I have been seeing Robin for about 8 years. Robin’s holistic approach is what keeps me coming back. She not only treats the physical symptoms, but she listens to see if something else is going on. For me, the emotional often affects my physical condition. Robin, also has background in Western medicine which has proven invaluable to me. She got me to realize that I had adult-on-set asthma and to go in to my general practicioner and get diagnosed and treated. He had missed this for years and kept saying that I always complain of being tired during the winter months. Over the last new years and with Robin’s help, I have been able to cut my inhalor use in half and have continued to build and strengthen my immunity. Symptoms of arthritis and fibromyalgia have also been improved. I cannot say enough good things about Robin. She is a life saver.”


“I have dealt with chronic shoulder/neck/back pain for most of my life. I’ve been to traditional doctors, each of whom looks at the specific part of my body is in pain and attempts to “fix it” (usually something to do with drugs, a shot, etc). Robin, on the other hand, looks at what is in pain as a part of a whole; if my shoulder is having shooting pains, she checks my jaw, my neck, my back, even my knees and hips – if anything is out of alignment it can trigger pain in an area you wouldn’t suspect – and proceeds to work on the affected areas. She also listens to everything else I have going on in my life, to help her better understand what is ailing me (what “normal” doctor does that in the 7 minutes they are allowed to work with you?) I’ve been seeing Robin for a number of years now and have referred many people to her – she has helped them with everything from insomnia to muscle pain to stomach issues to allergies. Her demeanor is quiet and comforting, adding to the healing atmosphere. Robin is an acupuncture goddess!”


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